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Passion, Work and Determination


Speeder cycling Team was born in 2016 on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Switzerland. The founder of the team is Roberto Pasi-Puttini, together with the Swiss company Speeder.
from 2016 to 2018 the team raced in the Under 23 / Elite category, focusing on an Elite and UCI calendar. over the years the team has brought to light many international rider, from Switzerland, Italy, France, Japan and Ireland.


Thanks to the results obtained over the years, to the winning and positive image of the team and above all thanks to a competent staff, we have decided for the future to take a Continental license with the final goal of being able to arrive up to create a professional team so we will be able to develop young talents more.


We attach great importance to the spirit and the environment within the team. We believe that only by working hard, with well-defined objectives and in a healthy and positive environment, we can achieve ever-larger goals.
Our values are at the base of every result. We are also very close to the people, creating a special relationship with our fans.

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